Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule


In this section, we’ve put together some of the most common questions asked by our customers. If you have a query that isn’t answered below, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Offshore banks are banks that are in a different country from that of the depositors, and therefore different jurisdiction and banking laws. Countries that allow the practice are known as offshore financial centers. Banks which offer this service exclusively to non-residents are not allowed to offer banking services to residence until they are approved by the Central Bank in order to set a clear distinction between offshore and domestic sectors. The practice of offering offshore accounts to depositors who do not live in the country is what is referred to as offshore banking.
  • Do I have to visit the bank in order to open the account?
    The majority of banks that we work with will allow for accounts to be opened remotely. There are some banks that have a requirement for a personal visitation, but we will advise you accordingly from the beginning of the account opening process, before we submit any applications.
    There are some banks that may require a skype or video conference call/interview instead.
  • For opening an offshore bank account, you should prepare some important documents of your company and directors, shareholders and beneficial owners in your company as shown below:
    •    For company:
    - Certificate of Incorporation;
    - Memorandum & Articles of Association;         
    - Register of Directors and Members;
    - Certificate of Incumbency/Goodstanding (if company has operated from one year).
    •    For individual:

    - The scan of full page passport;
    - Proof of residence (It could be a copy of a recent utility bill (gas, electric, water, cable), credit card statement, or tax bill and should be within 3 months).

  • Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the account opening. This is simply because this decision depends solely on the banks discretion.

    Banks have their own internal procedures, risk management checks and KYC requirements that we are not involved in. Thus, ultimately the final decision will come from them. When applying for a bank account we assist our clients in all steps of the application process, from initial communication with the bank to get an initial review of the case, to the filing of applications and submission of all necessary documents in a timely matter.

    However, it is important to note that the bank reserves the right to reject an application if they deem that you cannot satisfy their requirements.

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