Company Renewal Service

Company Renewal Service

What is the Company Renewal Process?

For its operations, an offshore company is required to renew every year to keep it in good standing and to update its precise information to the registrar and other relevant government bodies. This process, called the company renewal process, is crucial for an offshore company to continue doing business. A company renewal process is different from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but generally includes:

The company renewal process requires a mountain of paperwork and form filings and needs to be done step by step. Additionally, under no circumstances should your offshore company fail to be renewed. Otherwise, it will lose its status of good standing and have to face the risks of heavy late penalties and other legal consequences, which severely affects your personal and business reputation.

Our Company Renewal Service

With such complicated requirements for legal compliance, it is not easy to handle the company annual renewal process properly. For supporting your company with this process, we provide the company renewal service, which includes/is in the order below:

- Reminding you via email in advance about the annual due date for your offshore company renewal;

- Informing any news or statutory requirements asked by the government bodies;

- Requesting any necessary information and files required for the company renewal process;

- Reminding about the payment and extending the Secretary/Agent Service and/or Virtual Office Service for the next 12 months (if you are using any of the services from us);

- Preparing relevant information and documents and filing annual returns;

- Preparing and filing business license papers (if any);

- Preparing, filing and making a payment for the government renewal fee;

All updated documents such as annual returns and business license shall be couriered to you after the renewal process is finished.

Advantages of Our Service

Our company renewal service is provided to ease the burden for you with the below advantages:

- The renewal process will be conducted in a timely manner. Our experts understand and update the government’s law and requirements frequently so that we can remind you in advance and have your company renewed on time.

- The renewal process will be conducted faster. We understand thoroughly the process steps and the timeline as well as your important information and documents, which significantly expedites the whole process together. Any other information and documents will only be requested when needed.

Taking advantages of our company renewal service saves you a significant amount of time and resources for your main business activities. For any further question or request, Contact Us for free.