Virtual Office Service

Virtual Office Service

We are now living in a world where you may not know your next door neighbors but do business with someone halfway around the world. In fact, nowadays, more and more business activities are conducted online, since efficiency becomes the main focus and all paperwork becomes minimized. Hiring an office would against the productivity of a business as it is costly and, in many cases, not necessary at all. That is why the demand for virtual offices has been increasing recently. So the question is: what is a virtual office?

Virtual Office

A virtual office is an office with a real address that can be used for your posts and legal affairs like company registrations, just like any normal office. However, it does not have any actual space, so you can work wherever it fits your company. A virtual office allows you to keep a professional image for your business with more reasonable fixed expenses. Some offices also have telephone options for receiving calls from clients and partners and meeting rooms for seeing them directly.

Benefits of Virtual Office

Virtual offices are such a simple concept, yet they can benefit businesses in many different ways:

  • Renting a workplace is a very popular choice when you run a company, but it is quite costly, which start-ups and small businesses always try to avoid. Not renting an office may save your budget, yet it does not show professionalism. A virtual office is a perfect compromise as it saves your company a lot of money while still making a professional and reliable impression on your clients and partners.


  • A virtual office lets you and your employees work at home or even a café, wherever is convenient. Your employees do not have to commute to work, which saves some more time for them and they can focus on tasks that really matter for your company.


  • As your employees are not required to present at any real office, you can employ anyone suitable for your company recruitment, who in many cases may not live close to your place. You can easily create a diverse working environment, which enhances the working quality and boosts employee morale. For such benefits, virtual offices are very convenient and useful for start-ups, small business, home-based entrepreneurs and especially offshore businesses, which are always in high demand for minimizing expenses.

Our Virtual Office Service

At Online Offshore Incorporation, Virtual Office Service includes many items as below:

- Business Registration Address: The address of our virtual office is completely legal and very cost-effective for your business registration. This is especially useful in cases that offshore companies are required to have a local registered address. It also contributes to client trust for your company.

- Local Number Forwarding: With this service, you have a local number that automatically forwards any call to the landline, mobile device or even an enabled desktop computer. Virtual call forwarding allows you to use only one system to set specific locations, times and days for the calls to be forwarded and to administer all the calls in different locations.

- Meeting Room: We can also arrange meeting rooms right at the address of your virtual office. You can inform us in advance the meeting schedule so that we can have the room prepared for your meetings with clients, partners or even your own employees. A nice meeting room is also crucial in building a professional and reliable business image for your company.

- Shared Fax Number: Contact us for more details about this.

Virtual Office Package

Virtual offices can benefit many types of businesses, especially young start-ups, companies with 24/7 customer services and offshore companies. For the virtual office service, we provide inclusive packages with the prices as below:

Business Registration Address
Local Number Forwarding
Correspondence address handling
Meeting Room
Shared Fax Number
Packages Prices
3-Month Package US$ 330
6-Month Package
(5% off per month)
US$ 627
12-Month Package
(7% off per month)
US$ 1227

Considering the abovementioned benefits, many types of companies can take advantage of virtual offices, including offshore companies. For any further question or consultation, do not hesitate to Contact Us.